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How to reduce your water consumption....
Everyone uses water and lots of it. On average each of us uses the equivalent of 6,500 buckets (55,000 litres) every year. Hot weather and over use can place pressure on existing water supplies in vulnerable parts of the country.

The water coming out of our taps has undergone a complex and energy consuming cycle that includes cleaning it ready for drinking and pumping it from the reservoir to our homes.

We use water in our homes for drinking, washing, cooking, bathing and showering, flushing toilets and watering plants and gardens.

Climate change is likely to make rainfall less predictable but it seems we will see drier summers and wetter winters. Erratic rainfall patterns makes water supply management difficult. Simple low cost strategies might involve water butts to collect rainwater for gardens or water saving devices on toilet cisterns and taps.

Plans for building new homes in the South East will put even more pressure on the region's water resources. There will also be an additional environmental impact as a result of treating and transporting water all over the country.

As a result of growing pressure from the public and government many water companies are beginning to take their responsibilities more seriously. For example, companies are having to spend much more money on fixing leaks in their supply pipes.

Using less water in the first place by using water saving fittings such as spray taps, low flush WC's and waterless urinals etc…
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