Environmental Controls Specialists
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Energy Surveys:
There are companies who can provide experienced and qualified environmental specialists to personally calculate your existing energy efficiency rating and CO2 emmissions rate whilst compiling for you a personal home report containing specific recomendations for improvements to your home.

These eco auditors should be able to calculate the effect any recomendations and/or sustainable or renewable energy technologies you are thinking of installing will have on your energy rating and CO2 emnmissions rate.

There are a number of domestic energy ratings designed for particular purposes. A popular method is SAP2005 which has been selected for its relevance for buildings where multiple fuels are supplied.

SAP2005 is the Government approved standardised system for undertaking an energy survey on an existing dwelling. It is industry agreed and based on the Building Research Establishments Domestic Energy Model (BREDEM) model. It is used to demonstrate compliance and to provide energy ratings for dwellings.

To calculate the SAP rating for your home auditors look at a variety of factors including dimensions, construction materials, insulation, ventilation, heating system, hot water, fixed lighting, fuel type and consumption etc... They should  also take in to account any microgeneration technologies that are used to create energy in the home (i.e. inclusion of renewable energy).