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Refuse & Recycling....
What's the problem?

Many people simply throw their rubbish in the bin and forget about it. A positive aspect is that the recycling rate in England and Wales is up to 12% and everyone agrees recycling makes much more sense than sticking our rubbish in landfill - it saves resources, energy and creates more jobs.

So what's lurking in your bin?

Garden Waste 20%
Paper & Cardboard               19%
Kitchen Waste 21%
General Household Sweepings 9%
Glass 7%
Wood 4%
Scrap Metal 5%
Plastic 7%
Clothes & textiles               3%
Cans & Tins 3%
Nappies               2%

To find out more about recycling facilities in your own area visit www.reuze.co.uk, www.recycle-more.co.uk or contact your local authority.

The amount of waste produced in this country is a clear sign that our economy is environmentally unsustainable. 81% of our rubbish ends up in landfill, which means we are literally using up and throwing away the earth's natural resources. Many of these resources are renewed by nature over time but if we continue to use them up faster than they are replenished, eventually there'll be none left.