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How to reduce your heating energy consumption:
The following section suggests measures to reduce fossil fuel usage and cost for properties by reducing the amount of fuel used to heat water and space or by monitoring and changing your equipment & provider.

Aside from the need to reduce CO2 emissions and stave off global warming, the reason that engages most peoples attention is cutting costs. Many people are paying more for gas and electricity than they need to.

Industry uses a huge amount of energy but households use 30% of energy in the UK. Any real change starts with individuals.

The average household in the UK emits 6600kg CO2 with a total domestic emittance of 8870kg CO2. Of the 1872TWh of energy used by buildings each year roughly 70% is used in housing.

To supply us with the electricity we use, power stations are burning an increasing amount of fossil fuels such as coal or gas. This process creates carbon dioxide that destabilises our global climate.

For every 100 killowatt hours of energy input to the power station in terms of fossil fuels, 5% is lost  during electrical transmission, 60 % is lost jointly as hot flue gases and as steam in the cooling towers. The result is a conversion efficiency of between 31% and 37% depending on operating conditions. This wasteful method of production makes electricity costs high in relation to other fuels such as gas that is simply extracted and used with little processing.

Through a combination of reducing the amount of energy we use, using energy efficiently, and using more renewable forms of energy, like wind and solar power, we'll be able to protect the environment for future generations. TVs, videos and other electronic equipment on stand-by accounts for 1% of domestic energy use alone.
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