Environmental Controls Specialists
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eco.AUDITOR offers high quality, effective solutions for all aspects of Trend BMS design using our comprehensive industry experience and qualification.
Trend SET Strategy Design
eco.AUDITOR creates SET controller strategies from consultant specifications and wiring schedules / control panel drawings, providing the programming required in order to meet your design brief.

Our strategies are by default, designed to be as energy efficient as possible. This is achieved through careful and appropriate configuration, optimisation of heating & cooling and demand driven operation of plant.

When writing strategy we place emphasis on the end user and supervisory devices and packages, which means that software is simple but effective, labels are concise and parameter setpoints & switches set up to allow secure, proficient adjustment to be made to the behaviour of plant.

Alarms are pre-configured to avoid lengthy final configuration. Nuisance and repetitive alarms are avoided as rationalisation divides Maintenance and Critical alarms in to groups ensuring that early warnings are only sent to those who need to see them.

eco.AUDITOR can provide descriptions of operation for SET strategy for you to insert in to your operation and maintenance manuals.
Trend 963 Graphic Design  & Coding
eco.AUDITOR creates 963 Supervisor projects for Trend BMS installations and networks using SET strategy. We are able to provide the complete PC package or items in part should you simply require, design, installation or commissioning.

For sample 963 supervisor graphics please click on the samples tab.
BMS Survey Report & Rectification
eco.AUDITOR provides comprehensive conditional surveys and verification of existing Trend BMS systems. Our recommendations highlight component failure and aspects of building operation which is working inefficiently.

eco.AUDITOR are experienced in the most up-to-date energy management building systems. With a validation report you can highlight all of your BMS issues. eco.AUDITOR can also provide any rectification measures which may be required to help minimise down time, running costs and the likelihood of future breakdowns.

eco.AUDITOR can check your systems controller software to detect any hidden problems or faults. System performance reviews can be undertaken to confirm that the full benefit of the control system is in use and energy improvement recommendations put forward for consideration.